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Petracca – 6.3.17

Our first impressions of Natalie and Brad were that we had a very active, energetic, and affectionate couple in our hands. Brad is this strong, muscular guy who found himself this tiny pip of a girl in Natalie and we […]

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Pietrafesa – 5.13.17

After getting engaged, Brooklyn New York couple Natalie and Vin knew they wanted to host their nuptials in Natalie’s hometown of Sandusky, Ohio. And host they did!! This couple pulled out all the stops to give their guests the best views […]

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Schneider – 4.22.17

Ever since she was a little girl, Dana had always said that she wanted to get married on a “special day”. She felt that great things usually happen on days like Valentines Day or Labor Day, so she wanted to […]

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Lublow – 1.7.17

Normally we don’t get the opportunity to do many winter weddings, but we were ecstatic when Rachel and Ethan asked us to be there with them on a Saturday in January to celebrate their marriage! Winter weddings bring so much joy! They’re right after […]

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