Ahhh, sweet summer time. It seems like summer was forever ago at this point, but let’s face it, I already had my fall decor out mid-August.. whoops! I may have skipped ahead a tad, but looking at Sarah and Chad’s engagement shoot on Cedar Point beach can bring me right back into that summer frame of mind. The clear blue sky and sandy beach with the bright fun colors make me just want to hop in that scene and be a beach bum all day long (probably with an ice cream in hand). Sarah has been coming to Cedar Point ever since she was little and it’s where she’s made some of her best memories with her family. Naturally, she wanted to come back with her husband-to-be to make more happy memories and capture this exciting moment in their lives. They drove 4 hours from Michigan to meet my lovely assistant Lindsey on a gorgeous morning to do their shoot, and man did she kill this session!!! I couldn’t have done it better myself; she’s essentially my mini-me 😉