We’ve been SO impressed by the seniors that we’ve had this year so far! Their confidence, their intelligence, their demeanor; all of them seem to have a good head on their shoulders, and Reilly certainly has all of that. We were super honored to hear that Reilly’s mom and wrote down our name 3 years prior to Reilly booking her session when we did a family friend’s senior photos! Both Reilly and her mom were a treat to spend the afternoon with walking around Sheldon Marsh. We love Sheldon Marsh, but again with the mosquitoes!!! Luckily, we came prepared this time and everyone got a quick spritz of bug spray mid-session. In between the smiles and the spray-down, we got to know a bit more about Miss Reilly. She’s a cheerleader at Huron High School, loves living on the lake and spending time on the beach, is the baby girl of the family with 2 older brothers, and has a great sense of style! We had to laugh when we saw she had 2 outfit changes but had a bag of 10 different pairs of shoes to choose from! And when Jamie found out that she worked at Pied Piper, the rest of the conversations centered around shredded chicken sandwiches and ice cream (you gotta love pregnancy brain!). Reilly, you were a dream to work with and we can’t wait to see what you do in your future! Have an amazing senior year girly!