We here at 1826 Photographic are just coming back into the office after a nice long weekend. We had an awesome wedding on Friday and got the chance to spend Saturday and Sunday doing some classic fall activities like pumpkin picking, drinking apple cider, and seeing some spooky sights. It was strange to us that we’d be┬áleaving our wedding on Friday and have two full days off, but it was definitely a very welcomed feeling! We love Friday weddings so much that we just had to show off this Friday wedding that we had at the beginning of August. We love nothing more than a big grand wedding day, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. From the second they got engaged, Ally and Marcus knew that they wanted to keep things sweet, short, and simple to stay true to themselves as a couple. They didn’t need an extravagant, grandiose day to convey their love for one another. All they needed was their closest friends and family and each other to celebrate the day. Marcus and Ally got married on a beautiful evening at BGSU Firelands Arboretum after a quick first look right on the water in downtown Sandusky. Everything about their day was so sweet and intimate and absolutely perfect for them. Quality over quantity is the perfect way to describe this wedding, and we enjoyed every second of it.