We often hear from our seniors that they feel like they’re not very photogenic. Actually, one of the most common phrases said during a photo shoot is “I’m not very good at taking pictures”. Well, we’re here to say that you guys are WRONG. We think anyone is capable of having a great photo session and Paige absolutely ROCKED hers! She also followed the trend of saying she wasn’t great at pictures, but then in the same breath made the fiercest face that even Tyra would be jealous of! We actually had quite the giggle at the fact that she thought she wasn’t good because every shot to us felt that we were getting amazing photos. From the dancer photos to the tennis shots, to our favorite grassy field (with some of the best “smizing” that we’ve ever seen) Paige was able to get a wide variety of pictures to choose from. Please go through this beautiful young lady’s photos and tell us that she’s terrible at being the subject of photos (spoiler alert: you won’t be able to) 😉