Remember yesterday’s post about how we come across people who say they aren’t great at photos but they’re actually really good? That’s Lindsey and Brian for you. They seemed really nervous in the beginning but warmed up quickly to the idea of snuggling for basically the whole session. They were naturals in front of the camera, especially Lindsey! I felt like every time I wanted her to do something like move her hand or tilt her head, she’d read my mind and do it before I even got the chance to direct! We were so in sync the whole session and had so much fun! My favorite moments from the session have to be when they practised how they would do their first dance in the middle of Sheldon Marsh’s pathways, and of course revisiting the spot on the beach where Brian first proposed 😍😍 And can we please take a minute to talk about how Lindsey’s hair in these photos is basically an ad for Pantene 💁‍♀️ I cannot WAIT until these two are back in front of my lens for their wedding next December!! -Lindsey L.