“He really doesn’t like his photo being taken. If I just end up with a couple I can print, I’ll be happy!” That’s a quote from Jack’s mom, Mary when she booked his Senior photo shoot with us. With 90 final images, I think it’s safe to say that Mary has more than a couple to choose from!

Jack was cool and calm in front of the camera. He even showed off his pearly whites when mom begged him to “show her your teeth Jack!” Having one son of my own with another on the way, nothing makes me happier than to see a boy wanting to please his mama! With such a handsome face, pleasant disposition and enough swim medals to sink a ship, Mary has so much to be proud of!

As usual, the beautiful backdrop of Catawba did not disappoint. And having a boat to board for photos? That was just a bonus! You were such a pleasure Jack, we can’t wait to see all the big things college has in store for you!